No matter where you live, you can receive the complete San Jose Mercury News as soon as it rolls off the press — with everything except the paper it's printed on. That includes exclusive content not available on Our e-Edition brings you every page of the Mercury News in digital form. You get every story, column, picture and comic strip — even every ad — exactly as it appears in print. And that includes all the news from all four daily editions: The Valley, Peninsula, West Valley and South Valley.

You also get a free 1-year archive and powerful search tools, plus quick commands to view, enlarge, save, print and/or email any item. The San Jose Mercury News eEdition is fast, available 24/7, very reader-friendly and green (No actual paper, remember?).

Your satisfaction is guaranteed. You may cancel your subscription at any time and receive a refund on all undelivered issues of your subscription.

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