Read the e-Edition on your iPad


    e-Edition already brings your choice of the San Jose Mercury News, Oakland Tribune, Contra Costa Times, The Argus, The Daily Review, San Mateo County Times, The Daily News, Santa Cruz Sentinel, & Marin Independent Journal to your desktop/laptop, with every word and image exactly as it appears in print — even the funnies. Now we’ve added an app to bring the same to your iPad. And it’s an exclusive bonus for e-Edition subscribers.

    Our new iPad app is simple and streamlined for readers on the move. You can navigate and zoom with your fingertips. Tap an article with two fingers to convert it to full-screen text. You have access to every page of today’s paper, plus the past 30 days.

    And your more advanced resources – including downloads, text search, sharing and translations — are still available on your regular e-Edition home page.


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